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Furniture Repairs

Furniture can deteriorate over time and break, but instead of throwing it out, why not get it fixed? We can repair your furniture, making it more durable and longer-lasting. We can also help with furniture assembly!

Appliance Maintenance & Repairs

We can help your appliances run more smoothly and efficiently with regular maintenance, install a new appliance, or repair an appliance that has incurred damage through breakdown or accident. 

Patching and Painting

We can professionally patch and paint your walls or ceiling to a high standard. Whether it’s one wall or an entire room, we will enhance the beauty and aesthetics of your home.

Solar Pool Heating

Enjoy your pool all year round with HELIOCOL solar pool heating. HELIOCOL is the world’s largest selling and most reliable solar pool heating product available.  Available across Far North Queensland!


We can fix anything electrical in your home, from the internal wiring of your home’s electrical system to your appliances and entertainment goods. 


We can install, replace, or fix your water piping system, gutters, toilet, bath, shower, kitchen sink, etc.


Our professional cleaner can clean any room of your house, leaving you free to concentrate on more important things.

Construction & Renovation

Whether your wanting a partial or full renovation of your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry, or your wanting to install a patio, carport, or fence, we have the solution for you!


Eco Friendly Maintenance

Take care of the maintenance work to match the environmental condition around your home.


The Newest Technology Repairs

We utilize the newest and advanced technology to carry out the repairs and maintenance for your home.


High Quality Maintenance Management

We manage the home maintenance works efficiently in order to help save you time and money.

Why Is Home Maintenance So Important?

There are many reasons why home maintenance is important, but there is no doubt that the most important reason for maintaining your home, is that it saves you money. Keeping up with minor repairs and issues can prevent you from facing major problems in the future, problems that can be costly and time-consuming. It has been said that every dollar you spend on maintenance is $100 you save in repairs. Regularly cleaning and maintaining your home and appliances can help them run better and more efficiently, reducing the energy and electricity they use and subsequently lowering your utility bills, saving you money once again.

Furthermore, maintenance can be fit into your schedule, preventing those sudden major dramas down the line that will mean an inconvenient adjustment to that schedule. Finally, there are few who would argue that your home is your biggest asset and unlike a new car that decreases in value once it’s taken off the lot, if maintained and looked after well, your home will increase in value, making it easier to sell and gaining you a higher profit when it’s time to put it on the market. 

Over 21 years of Experience

FIXT Townsville has over 21 years of experience in the field of home improvement and maintenance. We provide customers with high-quality services and give them an enjoyable, hassle free experience.

Client Testimonials

“Amazing work that helps keep my home in very good condition. We are very satisfied with the home maintenance services FIXIT Townsville supplies”


“I just want to say thank you for the excellent job done on painting my house, fabulous work !!

Everyone has commented on the quality of the painting & how much it has improved the appeal of the house.” 


“FIXIT Townsville repaired some electrical equipment in my home. It now runs smoothly and helps us save money on our utility bills.”


Need Help With Home Maintenance?

If you have a particular home maintenance issue or you’d like us to evaluate your home maintenance needs, please contact us for a FREE no-obligation quote today. 



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